Saturday, May 19, 2012

Have faith in yourself

It's just a common advise to have a faith in yourself. But having a faith in oneself is one of the most difficult and misunderstood things. So, how can one really go about having a faith in own? I've been thinking about we should to restore faith in yourself. 

First thing is that Past cannot be changed. In past you might have many things which we cant rewind it back. You didn't pay attention in school, didn't score good marks, did not participate in extra-curricular activities, wasted time, didn't make good friends, developed bad habits and whatever that you sometimes think you shouldn't have done. But not now we have to accept the fact that what's been done is gone and there's no way to change it.

Well, the point is very clear then too many of us not accept this simple fact - past cannot be changed. There are people who perpetually keep blaming their past for their present situation. This blaming doesn't do any good except ruining your present which in turn ruins your immediate future. Therefore Think about it. 

Accept what you have now. What has been gone in past is gone nothing we can do about it.
Second thing is making best out of our present. After knowing and realizing the truth that nothing can be done about the past, but still lot of  people physically exist in present but their minds are always in the past. I think its Great mistake we do! it's time to understand that we cannot let the past take control of our present.

Aspect what you do today is going to be responsible for your future. Believing in yourself  is mostly about living in present, thinking in present.

You lose believe in yourself when you think you aren't in control of anything – that is when you think of  past. But we always forget that we can be in control of our future - and it is determined by our actions today. If you repeat this thought in your mind every-day; it will restore faith in yourself.

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