Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to stay positive when Your life Stucks?

The most reason why people think there lives is stuck is that they are not living their own lives. If you ponder deeply you will find people acting  to please  others such as pleasing  family, friends and society. Understand to know who you are and what your needs are and then make choices to follow your own path.

 What are your good qualities you like about yourself? Are you funny, intelligent, sincere, generous. Try focusing on positive area of your life. You may have positive influence on other people even when you think you’re worthless.

Don’t try to find negative things about you. But make an effort  in creating yourself. When you have bad mood, you may think of negative things such as  “ I m dumb and annoying”  “I am better off dead”. “ I am ugly”,  “I wish I look different’ etc . Even though its not true. Change your mind. Look for your good features. Think about the features you love, look on greater side. Realize nobody life is easy and that there is always up and downs in life. Don’t assume that nobody cares. Every person matters to someone. You’re LIVE  for a reason.

Look in the mirror Find some beautiful things about yourself.... Do you have nice skin? nice nails? beautiful eyes? lips? Find stuff that charms to you. When you can't change something, change your attitude towards it.

Remember there is always somebody there who wants to help you. You are precious.

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